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Surrealism for Kids


A young visitor creates a Surrealist collage as part of ‘Surrealism for Kids’ | Photograph: Natasha Harth

ink blot

Using an ink-blot template a young visitor creates a new drawing as part of ‘Surrealism for Kids’ | Photograph: Katie Bennett

Park Level | Children’s Art Centre

Open your mind and step into the world of the surreal! During ‘Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams’, the Children’s Art Centre presents Surrealism for Kids, featuring an exciting range of interactive activities inspired by games played by the surrealists.

Many popular games involving chance, word play and picture-making were rediscovered by the surrealists as creative and playful ways of unlocking the imagination. In Surrealism for Kids, children will be able to engage with the surrealists through multimedia, drawing and making activities, capture their own surrealist vision of the world and discover how some of the most powerful and imaginative art of the twentieth century was created.

Max Ernst | Surrealist collage
Leading surrealist Max Ernst is well known for his series of novel collages. By taking cut-outs of nineteenth-century engravings and reassembling, Ernst was able to create seamless images of the strange and mysterious. Gallery visitors are invited to make their own surreal scenes using similar illustrations, sourced from nineteenth-century catalogues and advertisements and arranged on specially designed templates.

Oscar Dominguez | Decalcomania
Decalcomania, used by surrealist artist Oscar Domínguez, is a printing technique that employs freely applied ink or paint. In Surrealism for Kids, children are invited to choose from pre-printed ink blot templates and, using their imaginations, draw what they see.

Jean Arp | Torn paper collage
Frustrated with his drawing, artist Jean Arp tore up one of his pictures and tossed it aside. Later, the shapes of the torn paper on the floor caught his eye — Arp immediately recognised it to be what he was striving for. With the paper provided, everyone can try this innovative method working with the laws of chance. Every torn paper collage will be the only one of its kind!

Marcel Duchamp | Make a sculpture
In Surrealism for Kids, young visitors are invited to construct their own surrealist sculptures using everyday items before photographing it and adding it to a collective display. Artists like Marcel Duchamp would often create free-standing sculptures using everday objects that were called 'ready-mades'.

The Surrealist Chronicle
Acknowledging the surrealists’ interest in the written word, Surrealism for Kids presents ‘The Surrealist Chronicle’ an innovative multimedia interactive that allows participants to participate in text and language games and share their results via Facebook and Twitter with their friends and families. Styled as a typical broadsheet newspaper, ‘The Surrealist Chronicle’ brings to life language games played by key surrealists like Tristan Tzara, André Breton and Jean-Claude Silbermann.

Play the Surrealist Chronicle online!

Surrealism for Kids on Tour

17–25 September

Look out for 'Surrealism for Kids' on Tour at a regional venue near you!

Regional Queensland families will have the opportunity to participate in the Children’s Art Centre projects from 17 – 25 September 2011 as part of the exhibition, 'Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams' and the Children’s Art Centre’s, Surrealism for Kids. Read more