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Ten Thoughts about Frames

Anne Zahalka, 'The cleaner', 1987

Anne Zahalka
The cleaner (from 'Resemblance I' series) 1987
Purchased 1991. John Darnell Bequest
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery
© Anne Zahalka, 1987. Licensed by VISCOPY, Sydney, 2004

Ten Thoughts about Frames

13 November 2004 - 28 March 2005
Admission free  Gallery 14

Frames surround and infuse paintings with traditions and ideas. This exhibition looks at the art, history and techniques of framing ― from the gilded decorative frames of the Middle Ages to the sophisticated use of framing techniques in modern cinema.

Each 'thought' or idea is presented in a sequence of individual displays of art works and related material that considers the cultural history of the frame and its relationship to painting. The technical background to particular frames, their style and makers is also explored. The exhibition includes selected works from the Gallery's Collection across a diverse range of styles, media and periods.

A feature of the exhibition is the screening of excerpts from two of Alfred Hitchcock's most celebrated films, Vertigo (1958) and Psycho (1960). Just as frames are used to connect the imaginary scene of a painting with our reality, a variety of framing devices are used in Hitchcock's films to allow the viewer to identify with the experiences of the characters.

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