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Pastels in Focus

Florence Rodway, '(Portrait)', c.1907

Florence Rodway                             
(Portrait) c.1907
Bequest of William Charles Warden 1990
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Pastels in Focus

Until 3 April 2005
Admission free Gallery 10

This display highlights the beautiful and sometimes daring work produced in the pastel medium by Australian women artists during the early twentieth century. The artists featured, including Florence Rodway, Cristina Asquith Baker, Janet Cumbrae Stewart and Queenslander Gwendolyn Grant, were working during a period in which women were accorded new freedoms and responsibilities in society.

Many of the pastels produced by these women challenged accepted artistic conventions. Florence Rodway's work met with both censure and acclaim, as critics and the public struggled with her expressive, flamboyant style. Janet Cumbrae Stewart's nudes were a new and controversial subject for a female artist ― the often overt sexuality of her paintings disrupted conventional gender relationships.