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Picasso for kids & young people

Yo Picasso


Children's Art Centre, Gallery 1.4, GoMA

Developed especially for children, Yo Picasso Kids included two paintings by Picasso of his son Paulo, complemented by art-making activities introducing children to the artist Picasso, his innovative ideas and his passion for collecting.

Make a mask

Throughout his life Picasso was fascinated with disguise and transformation. He collected masks from all over the world and at his studio he would dress up in fancy costumes, hats and masks to amuse himself and his children. Kids were invited to enter Picasso's world of masquerade and make their own mask to wear and keep.

Paper sculptures

Picasso is famous for inventing new ways of using everyday materials in his art. As an artist he used to cut and tear paper to make shapes of people, skulls and animals as well as small paper sculptures. He learnt this skill as a boy when he would borrow his aunt's scissors to cut out shapes, and he continued the tradition as a father entertaining his own children by snipping out paper dolls to play with and crowns and ties to wear. Kids were invited to make a paper cut-out sculpture and discover creative new ways of making pictures — just like Picasso did.


Park Gallery, Park Level, GoMA

In the Contemporary Media Lounge, young people could sample contemporary media through live streamed TV, music, videos, catalogues, journals and magazines from across Europe.

'I think I have discovered many methods of expression, and still I believe there a great many more to discover.' (Picasso)

Popular society and contemporary media offered inspiration for Picasso and the artists of his generation. Sampling from newspapers, journals and posters allowed artists to convey many ideas about their world, contributing to important innovations in art.

Designed specifically for young people, the Park Gallery was divided into themed spaces featuring different modes of contemporary media. Young people could 'Watch' live streamed TV and video from Europe; 'Listen' to contemporary music from France and Spain and scratch tracks with the interactive DJ turntable; and 'Read' art, design and popular culture books, journals and magazines.


Specifically developed for secondary school students, this exciting new program featured visiting art historians, curators, artists and Gallery staff exploring key themes and works in the 'Picasso & his collection' exhibition. The I I HEART ART HISTORY Art History program extended students' engagement with the exhibition through illustrated presentations held in a dedicated space in the Park Gallery. Free program for booked school groups to 'Picasso & his collection'.

Special tours for French speakers

12:00am Saturday 6 September
Gallery 1.1; Gallery 1.2; Gallery 1.3 GoMA

9.00am (for children aged 3–7 and accompanying adults)>

Paid programs ($15 for children and $21 for adults)

Guided tours for children and adults in French areconducted by staff from Alliance Française de Brisbane. Please meet in the GoMA Foyer.

Contact Alliance Française on (07) 3221 7957 to book.