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Josh Thomas

Josh Thomas

Podcast audio tour

This audio tour can be launched online or downloaded to your iPod or MP3 player. It works in two ways: listen to it in advance of visiting the Gallery to get a taste of the exhibition, or bring it with you as your very own tour guide.

Tour One: Julie Ewington

Join Donna Mclachlan and take a tour of some of the highlights of the exhibition with curator, Julie Ewington. Along the way, meet several of the artists who have made this exhibition such a vibrant and exciting experience.

Featuring the voices of: Donna Mclachlan, Julie Ewington, Arlene TextaQueen, Tony Albert, Aleks Danko, Darren Sylvester, Kathy Temin, Francis E Parker and Vernon Ah Kee.

Production Team: Donna Mclachlan, Kate Ravenswood, Ben Wickes and Jennie Lane
External Audio Production: Austereo
Music: Darren Sylvester, 'Nice haircut' © Darren Sylvester and Darren Sylvester, 'Too uncool too' © Darren Sylvester

Duration (29:50) | Download file

Tour Two: Josh Thomas

For a very different take on the exhibition, join comedian Josh Thomas as he takes you on a tour he describes as ‘Optimism for Dummies’.  Always joyful — occasionally profound — Josh’s tour is an example of Optimism in motion. So if you are looking for something to smile about, this is the tour for you!
© Josh Thomas

Music: Darren Sylvester
Recorded at Triple M Studios, Brisbane, 2008
Technical production: Marty Pouwelse, Triple M Studios, Brisbane
Special thanks to Austereo's Triple M, major sponsors of ‘Contemporary Australia: Optimism’


Duration (14.23) | Download file


Director message - Tony Ellwood

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Julie Ewington

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