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Three Ways: Contemporary Sculpture from the Collection

Dadang Christanto
For those: Who are poor, who are
suffer(ing) . . .
The Kenneth and Yasuko Myer Collection of Contemporary Asian Art.
Purchased 1993 with funds from The Myer Foundation and Michael Simcha Baevski
through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Three Ways: Contemporary Sculpture from the Collection

28 July – 30 September 2007 Gallery 4, QAG

The Gallery holds a number of fine works of sculpture and installation from various cultural traditions, including Indigenous Australian, European and North American, and from across the Asia–Pacific region. This Collection display brings together works from three of these diverse artistic origins: a group of exquisite feathered Morning Star Poles by various Indigenous artists from Elcho Island off the coast of the Northern Territory; two major installations by Indonesian artist Dadang Christanto; and a work by senior Australian artist Mike Parr. The juxtaposition of these works suggests something of the broad interests of contemporary sculptors.

Public Programs

Volunteer Guided Tour - Ian Fairweather: Late Works 1953-74
11:00am Wednesday 02 January

Performance: Three Ways
2:00pm Sunday 30 September

Dadang Christanto performs in conjunction with his work For those: Who are poor, Who are suffer(ing), Who are oppressed, Who are voiceless, Who are powerless, Who are burdened, Who are victims of violence, Who are victims of a dupe, Who are victims of injustice 1993, to conclude the ‘Three Ways’ exhibition. Gallery 4, QAG.