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Film program

Andy with Camera

Andy Warhol with movie camera filming Space (Since), New York, NY, USA, 1965
Photograph: Billy Name
Image courtesy: Billy Name/OvoWorks, Inc.

Andy Warhol Film Programs

The Australian Cinémathèque presents an in-depth survey of Andy Warhol’s film productions, together with accompanying programs exploring the social and artistic context of New York during the 1960s, and the influence of Warhol’s films on later independent and experimental cinema from North America.

Andy Warhol

8 December 2007 – 12 March 2008

The Australian Cinémathèque’s program of 51 restored films and 279 Screen Tests from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, is one of the largest and most complete surveys of Warhol’s film work ever compiled, and acknowledges this important aspect of Warhol’s artistic practice. Warhol worked in film as a primary artistic medium from 1963 to 1968 and produced approximately 600 films, including nearly 500 individual Screen Tests and more than 60 released titles.

Warhol and his Superstars

10 December 2007 – 29 March 2008

Using a converted factory loft as his studio, Warhol created an open social space where regulars and visitors became participants and ‘Superstars’ in his films. This program of documentaries and feature films examines this social and artistic context for Warhol’s film productions and draws attention to the many collaborators and personalities associated with the Factory and the New York avant-garde community. Includes films by Ric Burns, Jonas Mekas and Michel Auder, and films about Brigid Berlin, Taylor Mead, Lou Reed, Danny Williams, Edie Sedgwick, Jack Smith and Jackie Curtis.

Cinema in Revolt

14 December 2007 – 29 February 2008

Cinema in Revolt considers Warhol’s films within the broader context of postwar queer experimental cinema, and its links to contemporary independent film and video work from North America. Includes works by Kenneth Anger, Gregory Markopoulos, Jack Smith, The Kuchar Brothers, John Waters, Gus Van Sant, Todd Haynes, Gregg Araki, Sadie Benning, Ryan Trecartin and many others.

Shirley Temple and Judy Garland

Screens as part of Andy Warhol for Kids Summer Festival: 18 January – 28 January 2008

During his childhood, Warhol spent hours reading movie magazines devoted to the Hollywood screen idols of the 1930s. Shirley Temple and Judy Garland were two of Warhol's favourite stars, celebrated here in this selection of classic movie musicals.