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Streeton: works from the Queensland Art Gallery Collection

Arthur Streeton

Arthur Streeton

Arthur Streeton
Sketch for 'Still glides the stream and shall forever glide' 1895
Gift of Lady Trout 1978
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

‘Streeton: Works from the Queensland Art Gallery Collection’

The landscapes of Sir Arthur Streeton (1867–1943) reflected a new vision for Australian art at the turn of the twentieth century. This exhibition explores Streeton’s artistic practice and some of the ideas prevalent during this period of Australian art history. The works — selected from the Queensland Art Gallery Collection — highlight the importance of landscape in Australia’s cultural history.

As a young man, Streeton camped and painted around Melbourne with fellow artists of the now-famous Heidelberg School, including Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin, Charles Conder and, later, Walter Withers. These artists proclaimed their wish to capture ‘impressions’ of the landscape through quickly executed and easily portable paintings. These paintings also convey some of the changing attitudes of the time; the view of the Australian bush was changing from that of a harsh, uninhabitable environment to a poetic, familiar, even gentle landscape.

Streeton left Australia in 1897, with the belief that artists from the colonies needed to experience Europe and compete with European artists before they would be recognised at home. That Streeton was born in Australia was an important distinction from earlier colonial Australian artists who had migrated from Europe. Streeton finally received recognition when he returned to Australia 26 years later. Knighted in 1937, he enjoyed commercial success as one of Australia’s best-known artists, and used his influence to aid conservation campaigns for the rapidly disappearing forests around Melbourne.

Although the paintings in this exhibition were made around a century ago, they remain relevant today. They provide us with an opportunity to investigate the complex, and sometimes ambivalent, relationship that Australians have with their landscape and their relationships with artistic and cultural centres abroad.

Tour dates

Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum
16 July – 24 September 2005
Telephone (07) 4976 6766

Noosa Regional Gallery
22 October – 27 November 2005
Telephone (07) 5449 5340

Hervey Bay Regional Gallery
7 December 2005 – 21 January 2006
Telephone (07) 4197 4211

Dogwood Crossing Art Gallery, Miles
11 February – 26 March 2006
Telephone (07) 4627 2455

Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery
31 March – 21 May 2006
Telephone (07) 4688 6652

Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery
26 May – 4 July 2006
Telephone (07) 4681 1874

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