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Press Pause: Recent Australian Video Installations

David Rosetzky, 'Untouchable', 2003

David Rosetzky
Untouchable (detail from DVD still) 2003
Purchased 2005. The Queensland Government's Queensland Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery
Image courtesy: The artist and Kaliman Gallery

Press Pause: Recent Australian Video Installations

9 July – 9 October 2005
Admission free Gallery 4

‘Press Pause: Recent Australian Video Installations’ presents three major installations recently acquired by the Gallery.

In Untouchable 2003, Australian artist David Rosetzky has employed a cast of attractive characters who divulge their intimate secrets and anxieties to the camera. Rosetzky’s subjects operate in a confessional mode while estranged from those around them; here, the intimacy of the portrait and the ‘cool’ face of contemporary design function as metaphors for contemporary life.

Susan Norrie’s Enola 2004 was filmed at Toba World Square in Japan, a theme park of iconic buildings and monuments — such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the World Trade Center. The B-29 bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in August 1945 was called the Enola Gay. Part nostalgic look at the dream of creating a perfect world, part sinister vision of the world as simulacra, Norrie’s work points from the dawn of the nuclear age to an uncertain future.

New Zealand-born Daniel von Sturmer has emerged as a leading artist working in video and video installation. His work The truth effect 2003 is one of the most ambitious and accomplished video installations to be produced in Australia in recent years, and was one of the highlights of the 2004 Biennale of Sydney.