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Luminous: Watercolour Landscapes of the Federation Era

J.J. Hilder, 'Kedron (Brisbane)', 1910

J.J. Hilder
Kedron (Brisbane) (detail) 1910
Purchased 1989 from the estate of Lady Trout with a special allocation from the Queensland Government
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Luminous: Watercolour Landscapes of the Federation Era

Until 2 October 2005
Admission free Gallery 10

In the era following Australia’s Federation in 1901, the pastoral landscape became a symbol of strong national sentiment. Australian artists responded to and promoted this connection, creating light-filled representations of the Australian bush, which became known as Federation Landscapes. While these works are typically filled with gum trees and golden light, many watercolourists of the time also painted decorative and atmospheric compositions influenced by English Aestheticism and Art nouveau.

Artists featured in this display include W. Lister Lister, celebrated for his paintings of the New South Wales bush; and Toowoomba-born J.J. Hilder, one of the youngest of the Federation artists and recognised as a prodigious talent from his first exhibition in 1906.