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Madonna Staunton: Out of a Clear Blue Sky

Drowsy cat

Madonna Staunton, Australia b.1938 / Drowsy cat 2012 / Synthetic polymer paint on canvas / Collection: The artist / © The artist

The reader

Madonna Staunton / The reader 2012 / Synthetic polymer paint on canvas / Collection: Syd Williams / © The artist

30 August 2014 – 1 March 2015
Queensland Artists' Gallery
Queensland Art Gallery (QAG)

Opening Hours
Daily: 10.00am – 5.00pm
The Gallery will close Friday 14 November & Saturday 15 November.  For more information visit qagoma.qld.gov.au/g20

One of Queensland's greatest living artists, Madonna Staunton has made a major contribution to Australian modernism over the last five decades. Esteemed for her collage and assemblage work — which is often noted for its complex lineage of Dada, Constructivist, Fluxus and Abstract Expressionist precedents — Staunton has more recently committed her famed eloquence to figurative painting. Composed with the talents amassed during this long commitment, these late representational works make evident the weighty insights that can come with age and deep reflection.

Beginning with her earliest colour field abstracts of the 1960s, 'Out of a clear blue sky' searches through Staunton's whole career for preludes and connections to this return to painting. Moreover, the exhibition suggests that the artist has always taken on the concerns and interests of a painter, albeit one that has often worked with unconventional materials.

Significantly, this exhibition also demonstrates Staunton's remarkable capacity to change and adapt, reintroduce and renew. Bringing many of the artist's key achievements together, 'Out of a clear blue sky' is also a fine confirmation of the value to be found by investing in ideas and ideals, feelings and thoughts over the longest term.

This is Madonna Staunton's first major exhibition at QAG since 1994, first major exhibition since 2003 and is documented in an accompanying publication.


Out of a Clear Blue Sky is beautifully illustrated and the most comprehensive representation of Madonna Staunton’s whole career. Available in-store and online.

Programs And Events

Poetry Reading | 1.30pm Sunday 7 September | Gallery 14, QAG
During Brisbane Writers Festival and to celebrate Fathers' Day, join Nathan Shepherdson, a poet and close acquaintance of Madonna Staunton, as he presents a poetry reading and reflects on the subject of time, emotion and the human condition explored in his work. Introduced by 'Madonna Staunton: Out of a Clear Blue Sky' exhibition curator Peter McKay, Curator, Contemporary Australian Art, QAGOMA. Free, no bookings required.

Past Programs
Curator's talk | 2.30pm Saturday 30 August | Lecture Theatre, QAG
Join Peter McKay, Curator, Contemporary Australian Art, QAGOMA on the opening day of the exhibition, as he shares new insights into Madonna Staunton's substantial and historically significant practice.

Queensland Artists' Gallery Program sponsored by