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Michael Parekowhai


Michael Parekowhai | New Zealand b.1968 | The Horn of Africa 2006 | Automotive paint, wood, fibreglass, steel, brass | 395 x 200 x 260cm | Purchased 2008 with funds from the Queensland Government's Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund in recognition of the contribution to the Gallery by Wayne Goss (Chair of Trustees 1999-2008) | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Michael Parekowhai

The Horn of Africa 2006

New Zealand Maori artist Michael Parekowhai (b.1968) is a major artist represented in the Gallery’s Collection. His sculptural work The Horn of Africa is one of the most significant works purchased for the Pacific collection to date, and is a reflection of the Gallery’s unique and ongoing commitment to this region. Spectacular in appearance and complex in its allusions, the sculpture exemplifies Parekowhai’s ingenious and conceptually motivated practice. Part of ‘The Story of a New Zealand River’ piano work series, The Horn of Africa interrogates some of the captivating and intertwined pakeha and Maori histories explored through literature and film that make up present-day New Zealand. By doing so, it compellingly addresses the precariousness of nationhood.