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Boyd Webb

Boyd Webb Nonage 1995

Boyd Webb | New Zealand/England b.1947 | Nonage 1995 | Colour photograph on paper ed. of 1 123 x 158cm | Purchased 1996. Queensland Art Gallery Foundation Grant | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Nonage 1995

Nonage belongs to a group of large-scale colour photographs of provocative, strangely beautiful sculptural tableaux that explore themes of human biological destiny, such as genetics and genetic engineering, disease, reproduction and sexual politics. Much of Webb’s work of the 1990s focused upon scientific subject matter, and Nonage — a term meaning a period of immaturity — features strange papery boxes flecked with mould and containing mysterious sperm or foetus-like forms. Webb’s large photographs (each one unique) break down the boundaries between the real and the imagined, and often disrupt our sense of scale and proportion, obliging us to suspend our sense of order and logic.