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Lara Favaretto


Lara Favaretto | Italy b.1973 | Gummo IV 2012 | Iron, car wash brushes and electrical motors | Purchased 2012 with funds from Tim Fairfax, AM, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Gummo IV 2012

Lara Favaretto’s practice involves the construction of situations that reveal the absurdity and pathos of everyday life.Found objects, usually of a standard-issue type, often sit at the centre of her art works but are animated in such a way that they become stripped of their intended function and imbued with a sense of magic, fantasy and play. Her work can be understood in the art historical context of the irreverent spirit of Dada and Marcel Duchamp’s notion of the readymade. The influence of Arte Povera (the Italian art movement associated with Favaretto’s home town of Turin) is also evident, particularly in her embrace of an open-ended, experimental working method.

Gummo IV comprises a group of five carwash brushes, each in a different shade of blue or violet, attached to a metal slab and a motor that causes them to spin around at irregular intervals. Gummo IV employs a strategy of displacement, whereby a found object is removed from its natural surroundings and placed in a decidedly inappropriate one. The appearance of five carwash brushes in the gallery space results in these familiar objects appearing simultaneously absurd and fascinating.