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Robert MacPherson


Robert MacPherson | Mayfair: (Swamp rats) Ninety-seven signs for C.P., J.P., B.W., G.W. & R.W. 1994-95 | Acrylic on masonite | Purchased 1998 with a special allocation from the Queensland Government. Celebrating the Queensland Art Gallery's Centenary 1895-1995

Mayfair: (Swamp rats) Ninety-seven signs for C.P., J.P., B.W., G.W. & R.W.1994-95

Robert MacPherson’s quick eye sees humour and invention in Australian life and landscapes that we often take for granted. This work from his long-running ‘Mayfair’ series considers the promises made by humble home-made roadside signs as a form of contemporary revelation, a beauty found in everyday life. MacPherson says that in looking at these highways signs he enjoys:

misspellings, strange syntax, the unusual truncating of words, where the writer/painter has run out of board and restarted below. I find a beautiful poetry in this, the constant repainting of signs producing beautiful textual effects, a wonderful directness of means.

With affection and respect, MacPherson celebrates the distinctive forms of Australian culture today, reminding us that what we make up as we go along is truly our own.