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Kathy Temin


Kathy Temin | Australia b.1968 |My monument: White forest(detail) 2008 | Synthetic fur, synthetic fibre fill, steel, wood, MDF board | Purchased 2009. The Queensland Government's Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

My monument: White forest 2008

Kathy Temin reconciles private experience with the public sphere. Her work is informed by a family history of displacement and loss and, as the child of European migrants, Temin is acutely aware of the way objects evoke other places and times. Here she takes 1960s maze-like paintings by the American modernist Frank Stella as a starting point, reworking them as a magical, if slightly sinister, pathway through trees.

Having travelled to Europe in 2008 to visit Holocaust sites and memorials, Temin’s encounter with the places of her family’s past has enriched her view of the landscape. My monument: White forest is a site for collective remembering, inviting visitors into a fantasy realm. It is a place simultaneously present and absent, real and imagined. We make our world with what we have, although our capacity for hope is limitless.