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Emily Floyd


Emily Floyd | Australia b.1972 |Permaculture crossed with feminist science fiction 2008 | Laminated timber, timber, vinyl, polyurethane varnish | Purchased 2009. The Queensland Government's Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

Permaculture crossed with feminist science fiction 2008

With this work Emily Floyd sets up a conversation between two different kinds of contemporary hopefulness. She has selected fragments from the celebrated feminist sci-fi novels by Ursula Le Guin and Doris Lessing, with their visions of the post-industrial future, and from the Australian Bill Mollison’s profoundly influential books on Permaculture, and has crossed them.The two philosophical strands Floyd puts together address urgent contemporary issues, though they propose very different solutions. As we stroll around and scan, we can pause to take in particularly pungent phrases, or marvel at particular fragments of wisdom. But if today every visitor can play at being a search–engine, tomorrow we are all responsible for the future.