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Del Kathryn Barton


Del Kathryn Barton | Australia b.1972| i am flesh again (detail) 2008 | Pen with watercolour on Arches hot-pressed watercolour paper | Gift of the artist through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation 2010. Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program | Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

i am flesh again 2008

Del Kathryn Barton’s interest in the physical act of drawing manifests itself as a form of dream-like automatism connected with desire. In i am flesh again, strange confronting beings populate a surreal world of emotion and fecund symbolism. Alien-like figures share the facial characteristics of dolls or newborns, while others are botanical or hermaphroditic. The embodiment of a perfect union between man and woman, here the figure of the hermaphrodite signifies the force of creative potential.

Barton explores ideas about the body and suggests that to be human is to be vulnerable, that being open to the possibilities inherent in interpersonal relationships by necessity means laying oneself bare. She says of this: ‘…at the point one opens and commits, enormous energy and connectivity can feed into the greater good.’