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Asian Collection


Installation view Philip Bacon Galleries (Gallery 7), QAG

Historical Asian art to early modern | Philip Bacon Galleries (Gallery 7), QAG

In the Historical Asian galleries, a collection of Neolithic ware from Japan and China and folding screens on permanent display are augmented by a focused selection of ceramics from China, Japan and Korea. These displays are complimented by examples of lacquerware, textiles, calligraphy and contemporary art.

A developing collection of South Asian art includes recent acquisitions of bronze religious sculpture and paintings which portray aspects of the ancient faiths of the region.

Chinese Neolithic earthenwares
Japanese Neolithic and Six Old Kiln ceramics
Folding screens in Japan
East Asian tradition and exchange
Portrayals of the sacred in South Asia

Empire and image | Philip Bacon Galleries (Gallery 8), QAG

A display of collection works and objects that address the influences and exchanges flowing between Britain, Europe and ‘the East’ during the colonial period, including ceramics, furniture, painting and works on paper.