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Lloyd Rees

Exterior, St. Brigid's Church, Red Hill

Lloyd Rees | Australia b.1895 d.1988 | Exterior, St. Brigid's Church, Red Hill 1916 | Pen and ink and watercolour wash over pencil on wove paper | 26.7 x 18cm 23.1 x 14.1cm (comp.) | Acc. 2:0572 | Gift of John Brackenreg 1965

Exterior, St. Brigid's Church, Red Hill 1916

Lloyd Rees began to receive commissions in 1916 for portfolios of pen drawings of Brisbane buildings, including St Brigid’s Church at Musgrave Road, Red Hill, designed by the eminent Brisbane architect Robin Dods. The drawings of St Brigid’s were commissioned by Monsignor King, the parish priest of the area.

Rees’s first known solo exhibition comprised drawings of St Brigid’s at the Turner Art Gallery, in the Brisbane Town Hall. A reviewer commented that:

The series is an admirable one, and the artist has displayed a fine appreciation of his subjects, and shown a skill in execution that will make his future work of keen interest to lovers of art.

In this drawing, we can see the awakening of Rees’s lifelong fascination in his detailed observations, with architecture and in particular church architecture. Rees was also a keen observer of the construction of St John’s Cathedral in Ann Street.