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Anne Dangar

Tea service

Anne Dangar | Australia/France b.1885 d.1951 | Tea service c.1945-51 | Wood-fired glazed ceramic | Eighteen pieces: teapot with lid: 16 x 14cm (diam.) (complete); milk pot with lid: 12 x 9cm (diam.) (complete); sugar bowl with lid: 13 x 12cm (diam.) (complete); six cups: 5.5 x 10cm (diam.) (each); six saucers: 2 x 15cm (diam.) (each) | Acc. 2011.091.001-015 Purchased 2011 with funds from Margaret Mittelheuser, AM, and Cathryn Mittelheuser, AM, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation

Tea service  c.1945-51

Dangar arrived at Moly-Sabata at Sablons, central France, in 1930, and spent the remaining 21 years of her life there as Gleizes's devoted disciple, implementing his theories through her ceramics. Dangar gave up painting for her preferred medium of pottery by both choice and necessity. As she was to point out in a letter to Crowley, she did not have the funds to purchase proper painting materials.

Dangar fused modernist design principles with traditional artisanal methods to produce unique and inspired ceramic pieces, such as this tea service. The concentric circles suggest the elevating motif of the spiral – an emblem of Celtic spiritual exaltation.

After the restrictions of World War Two, Dangar travelled extensively through France, reactivating her commitment to traditional pottery methods. She hoped that postwar reconstruction in both France and Australia would precipitate a revival of popular arts with the past as its sourcebook.