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Drawn To Screen: Graphic Novels, Comics and Serials

Drawn To Screen: Graphic Novels, Comics and Serials

6 January – 4 March 2012

"Comics are a gateway drug to literacy".
Art Spiegelman, creator of the Pulitzer Prize-winning comic book memoir Maus: A Survivor's Tale 1972-1991.

The Gallery's Australian Cinémathèque presents films exploring the crossover between the drawn narrative and its adaptation to animation and live-action films. From classic comic serials to graphic novels, the program brings together over 60 films from around the world that chart the shift from the printed page to screen and the way comic genres and themes challenge personal and cultural expectations. From morally complex superheros through to satirical reflections of the mundane, these films capture our imagination, engage our empathy and prick our social consciousness.


12noon 26 January, 2012

From anime warrior to Disney princess, superhero to steampunk, recreate your favourite anime, manga, comic and film characters at the Gallery of Modern Art's first ever Cosplay event. Guidelines and entry information available from the COSPLAY page.


Is world domination getting you down? Even urban crime fighters need to relax from the daily grind. Why not shake loose the worries of your week and join us each Friday and Saturday night in the GoMA bar where the food is hot, the music frosty and the drinks flow. The Gotham Lounge will be open each Friday and Saturday during the season from 5.30pm.


Drawn to Screen: Graphic Novels, Comics and Serials features a series of thematic strands that focus on dominant genres and popular narratives, as well as emphasising regional and historical trends. Film notes for the program are listed under their thematic strand. A quick guide to screening dates and times is available here.


Pulped Fiction brings together a selection of early film adaptations of comics and comic strips, as well as comic serials made for television. The program features early silent cinema and television favourites.

Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: The Flying House 1921 (12 mins)
The Kid Stakes 1927 (76 mins)
Popeye the Sailor with Little Swee' Pea 1936 (7 mins)
Blondie 1938 (70 mins)
A Bout with a Trout 1947 (8 mins)
The Winter of Three Hairs 1949 (74 mins)
Gasoline Alley 1951 (76 mins)
The Maxx 1995 (130 mins)
Footrot Flats: the Dog's Tale 1987 (71 mins)
For Better or For Worse: Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2000 (8 mins)
Pelswick: Inherit the Wheeled 2002 (30 mins)
Afro Samurai 2007 (125 mins)


Gods and Monsters celebrates and challenges the mythology of superheroes, presenting heroes of derivations divine and damnable. The program explores the often-complex line between god and monster.

Superman 1978 (143 mins)
Akira 1988 (124 mins)
X2: X-Men United 2003 (133 mins)
Hellboy 2004 (122 mins)
Spiderman 2 2004 (127 mins)
Immortal Ad Vitam 2004 (103 mins)
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence 2004 (100 mins)
Iron Man 2008 (126 mins)
The Dark Knight 2008 (152 mins)
Watchmen 2009 (162 mins)


Rebels and Outcasts examines deeply personal stories of betrayal and retribution. These films chart our fascination with single-minded vendettas carried out by vigilantes who cloak their actions in ideals of justice.

Sin City 2005 (124 mins) 
The Crow 1994 (102 mins)
A History of Violence 2005 (96 mins)
Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance 1972 (83 mins)
Lady Snowblood 1973 (97 mins)
Death Note 2006 (126 mins)
Road to Perdition 2002 (117 mins)
Oldboy 2003 (120 mins)
V for Vendetta 2006 (132 mins)
Ichi The Killer 2001 (129 mins)
Young and Dangerous 1996 (97 mins)
The Storm Riders 1998 (128 mins)


Stranger than Fiction features a wide selection of live action and animated films that contemplate questions of love, life and adventure, highlighting hopes, frustrations and dreams from everyday life.

When the Wind Blows 1986 (80 mins)
Porco Rosso 1992 (94 mins)
Whisper of the Heart 1995 (111 mins)
The Bloody Olive 1997 (12 mins)
Ghost World 2001 (111 mins)
American Splendor 2003 (101 mins)
Persepolis 2007 (97 mins)
The Last Ottoman: Knockout Ali 2007 (119 mins)
The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch 2008 (108 mins)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 2010 (112 mins)
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec 2010 (107 mins)
Tamara Drewe 2010 (109 mins)


Guilty Pleasures celebrates cult classics and fan favourites. Fabulous for their flaws and excesses, these films have an indefinable quality that transforms them into popcorn-munching escapism.

Barbarella 1968 (98 mins)
Diabolik 1968 (105 mins)
Tales from the Crypt 1972 (92 mins)
Fritz the Cat 1972 (79 mins)
Flash Gordon 1980 (111 mins)
Heavy Metal 1981 (86 mins)
Swamp Thing 1982 (91 mins)
Weird Science 1985 (94 mins)
Killer Condom 1996 (103 mins)


Under the Radar showcases hidden gems from around the globe, drawing attention to the work of artists and filmmakers working outside the mainstream.

Technotise Edit & I 2009 (100 mins)
Moss 2010 (163 mins)
Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life 2010 (103 mins)
The Last Man on Earth 2011 (100 mins)
The Rabbi's Cat 2011 (100 mins)


This Comic Life pays tribute to films that, while not directly drawn from the graphic page, pay homage to the medium through the blending of life and art.

Chasing Amy 1997 (113 mins)
Unbreakable 2000 (106 mins)
S.P.I.C.: The Storyboard of My Life 2004 (27 mins)
Mirrormask 2005 (101 mins)


Writing Pictures considers the life and work of artists and writers whose visionary work has changed the way the comic medium is viewed today.

Crumb 1994 (119 mins)
The Mindscape of Alan Moore 2005 (80 mins)
Touch Me Someplace I Can Feel 2007 (53 mins)
Queens of Terror 2008 (52 mins)
MétaMoebius: Giraud-Moebius, Metamorphoses 2010 (70 mins)
Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods 2010 (80 mins)
Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts 2011 (90 mins)

Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Gallery of Modern Art

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