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Japan Fantastic: Focus on Tezuka



Curated by Philip Brophy

Astro Boy

Production still from Astro Boy 1980 / Director: Osamu Tezuka / Image courtesy: Tezuka Productions / © Tezuka Productions

The anime of Osamu Tezuka (1928–89) is wide-ranging in subject matter and styles, yet consistently combines seemingly cute characters with powerful post-nuclear sentiments. Familiar yet strange, kitsch yet elegant, Tezuka's iconic animated work affords the viewer an insight into the perplexing formal mutations and weird narrative contortions that typify postwar Japanese culture.

Tezuka Kids' Flicks

Alakazam the Great (Saiyu-Ki) 1961 All Ages
Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atomu) [original] 1963 G
Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atomu) [remake] 1980 G
Kimba the White Lion 1980 G
The Fantastic Adventures of Unico 1981 G
Jungle Emperor Leo (Junguru Taitei) 1997 PG

Tezuka Youth Culture

Jungle Emperor (Jungeru Taitei) 1966 Ages 12+
The Amazing Three (W3) 1967 Ages 12+
Marine Express (Kaitei Choutokkyuu Mariin Ekkusupuressu) 1979 Ages 15+
Prime Rose (Taimu Suripu 10,000 Nen Puraimu Rozu) 1983 Ages 15+
Shorts Program 1 1962–87 PG
Shorts Program 2 1973–91 Ages 15+
Space Firebird 2772 (Hi no Tori 2772 — Ai no Kozumo) 1980 G
TV Series Program 1967–90 Ages 15+

Tezuka by Night

1001 Nights (Senya Ichiya Monogatari) 1969 Ages 18+
Baggy (Bagi) 1984 Ages 15+
Black Jack (Burakku Jakku) 1998 M
Cleopatra (Kureopatora) 1970 Ages 18+
Metropolis (Metoroporisu) 2001 PG


Tezuka: From Manga to Anime
4.30–5.30pm Thursday 5 April / Cinema A

Curator Philip Brophy delivers a fascinating overview of how Tezuka transformed some of his key manga — Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, Princess Knight and Black Jack — into anime series and films. This presentation will show manga sequences and discuss how Tezuka developed his ideas for motion and rhythm specifically from his work in the graphic medium of manga.