b.1971, Beijing, China
Lives and works in Shanghai, China

An artist celebrated for the extraordinary power and poetry of his 35mm films, Yang Fudong also creates photographic works and video installations. His first feature-length film, An Estranged Paradise (1999), filmed in Hangzhou, was shown at Documenta XI in 2002, and the Pusan International Film Festival in 2003. The film shows the estrangement of a young man from his urban environment, his fiancée and his life. This unease and aimlessness are explored as characteristic of a younger generation of Chinese artists and intellectuals trying to understand or keep pace with their contemporary urban existence. The artist returns to these themes in other works, including Chengshi zhiguang (City light) 2000 and his important five-part work-in-progress, Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest, which he began in 2003.
Yang Fudong makes stylistic reference in his works to many different periods of Chinese film history. Varied in its visual languages, Yang’s work returns along different paths to essential questions about creativity and identity in modern life. APT5 will present works by Yang Fudong in the cinema programs, as well as his major installation Jiaer’s livestock 2002–05, which tells two versions of a tale of murder and avarice.  Screening details are available on the filmmakers page.

Australian Cinémathèque, GoMA / Gallery 6, QAG

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Yang Fudong, 'Production still from An Estranged Paradise (Mohsheng Tiantang)' 1997-2002

Production still from An Estranged Paradise (Mohsheng Tiantang) 1997-2002
Image courtesy: ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai