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Frequently asked questions

Visitor information

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Q: How much does it cost to visit the Gallery?

A: Entry is free except for special exhibitions.

Q: When is the Gallery open?

A: Daily 10.00am - 5.00pm
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday
Open Anzac Day 12 noon - 5.00pm

Q: Do I need to make a booking to attend activities and events at the Gallery?

A: Most activities and events are free and do not require bookings. Use the calendar to find out about artist talks, lectures, workshops, etc.

Q: How do I book a group tour?

A: QAGOMA provides free guided tours to special interest adult groups of 10 or more. To book a guided tour please telephone the Education Bookings Office on (07) 3840 7255 or submit an inquiry email. More information on group tours is available in the Education section of this website.

Q: Is it possible to buy tickets online for exhibitions with entry fees?

A: Yes. Tickets can be purchased online at www.qtix.com.au (subject to exhibition schedule). Search the calendar for details.

Q: How can I keep up-to-date with events at the Gallery?

A: Subscribe to our eNews, the Gallery's free e-bulletin, and sign up for our online brochures.

Q: Can I take photographs inside the Gallery?

A: Photography with hand-held cameras is permitted. Non-flash photography of art works in the Collection is permitted for personal use only. Photography of temporary exhibitions is not permitted or as otherwise directed.

A large range of postcards featuring works from special exhibitions and the Gallery's Collection is available for purchase from the Gallery Store.

Q: Does the Gallery have a cafe?

A: Yes. At the Queensland Art Gallery, the QAG Cafe is open daily. The Gallery of Modern Art has two food outlets, the GOMA Restaurant and GOMA Cafe Bistro.

Q: Does the Gallery have wheelchair access for visitors?

A: Yes. There are ramps, lifts and toilets for visitors with wheelchairs.

About the Gallery

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Q: Where can I find information about the history and architecture of the Gallery?

A: Information is available in the About Us section of this site.

Q: How do I access a copy of the Gallery's Annual Report?

A: To download a copy of the Gallery's current Annual Report, visit the About Us section of this site. Annual Reports are also available in the Gallery's Research Library, which is open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 4.45pm.

Q: How does the Gallery operate during an emergency?

A: The Cultural Precinct which includes the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Museum, State Library of Queensland and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, operates under a disaster and emergency management plan for the whole of the precinct.

The disaster and emergency management plan provides actions and responses for emergencies with public safety a priority.

The plan is regularly reviewed in collaboration with law enforcement and emergency services authorities including the Queensland Police Service to ensure the public safety of patrons visiting the Cultural Precinct is maintained.

The Queensland Police Service would provide advice in the event of a disaster or emergency.


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Q: What exhibitions are currently showing at the Gallery?

A: Visit Exhibitions for details of current and future exhibitions.

Q: How do I go about exhibiting my work at the Gallery?

A: Exhibitions are planned several years in advance and the Gallery has a very full exhibition program.

Children and families

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Q: Does the Gallery offer activities specifically for children, particularly during school holidays?

A: The Gallery offers a range of workshops and activities for children during most school holidays. Visit the calendar or the Children's Art Centre for more information.

Q: Does the Gallery offer art classes for children?

A: The Gallery offers interactive workshops for children on selected Tuesdays and Sundays. Visit the calendar or the Children's Art Centre for more information.


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Q: How do I book a school group visit?

A: Group visits to the Gallery are welcomed throughout the school year. Bookings are essential for groups of 10 or more. To book a group visit, please book online or telephone the Education Bookings Office on (07) 3840 7255. More information on group bookings is available in the Education section of this website. The Group Visits brochure also contains relevant information.

Q: I'm planning on bringing a school group to the Gallery. What resources are available for me to plan a visit?

A: School group visits are self-guided. A selection of online education resources is available which respond to the content descriptions outlined in the Australian Curriculum: Visual Arts. Please visit online or email educationbookings@qagoma.qld.gov.au for more information. To further assist you with planning your visit we suggest that you read about current and upcoming exhibitions.

Q: Is there somewhere for the students to have their lunch?

A: The grassed area (The Maiwar Green) at GOMA's main entrance provides an ideal location for groups to eat lunch. The covered awning adjacent to the GOMA entrance offers shelter during inclement weather.

Q: Are we able to store our school bags somewhere during our gallery visit?

A: The Gallery Services Officers located in the main foyer can assist with storage of school bags and other items which are not permitted inside the gallery.

Q: Is there bus parking at the gallery?

A: There are no bus parking facilities at the gallery. There is a set-down zone located on Stanley Place for group drop off and pick up. This is the location for school group arrivals when visiting the Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery. Brisbane City Council parking restrictions apply for vehicles parking within the precinct.

Q: Can we organise a guided tour for the class?

A: School groups are self-guided at the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art. Education resources are available to assist teachers with planning a self-guided experience that best meets their particular visit focus and units of study. Email the education team if you have specific questions about your class visit.

Q: Can my students sketch or take notes during their class visit?

A: Students are permitted to bring hand-held notebooks, sketch pads and clip boards into the Gallery. For the protection of art works on display, we ask that you ensure students use only lead pencils while they are in the Gallery.

For more information about sketching and note-taking in the Gallery, please refer to the Sketching & Note-taking Policy.

Q: Are there any professional development opportunities for teachers where I can learn more about your exhibitions?

A: The Look Out teacher program provides opportunities for teachers to participate in exhibition viewings, curator talks and artist workshops throughout the year. To receive information about upcoming events, subscribe to Edmail, our free e-News for teachers.


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Q. What is a conservator?

A. Conservators have professional training in the science, ethics and practice of art conservation. Conservators apply technical skills in their area of speciality, for example, paintings, works on paper, sculpture, etc.

They have strongly developed professional and ethical responsibilities towards the conservation of the cultural material in their care. In Australia, conservators are guided by the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials Inc. (AICCM) Code of Ethics and Guidance for Conservation Practice which guides conservation practices and outlines obligations to clients, colleagues and employees.

Q. How do I become a conservator?

A. Currently the only professional conservation training available in Australia is offered by the University of Melbourne which has a two-year masters degree in Cultural Heritage Conservation. Visit AICCM for updates on available training courses.

Q. Where can I find conservation advice?

A. Conservation treatment should always be carried out by, or with the advice of, a qualified conservator. The Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material is the professional body for conservation practice in Australia. Visit AICCM for a list of conservators in private practice, guidelines for commissioning private conservators, and a copy of the AICCM Code of Ethics and Guidance for Conservation Practice.

Q. Can the Gallery provide a valuation for an art work that I own?

A. The Gallery is a statutory authority of the Queensland Government and, as such, is prohibited from providing valuations of art works. For a list of approved valuers, visit the Australian Government's  Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. Please be aware that the service provided is of a commercial nature and valuers charge a fee. Auction houses may also be able to provide a commercial valuation service.

Q. Can the Gallery restore an art work that I own?

A. The Gallery is unable to offer a restoration service to the general public. Visit the website of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) which contains a searchable database of member conservators working in commercial practice.

Working at the Gallery

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Q: How can I find out about job opportunities at the Gallery?

A: Recruitment is handled by the Corporate Administration Agency. Positions are advertised on the Queensland Government website. Job opportunities may also be advertised in the Public Service Vacancies Gazette and in the press.

Q: Does the Gallery provide work experience for high school students?

A: Due to the specialised nature of art museum work, the Gallery is unable to provide work experience for high school students.

Q: How can I find out about volunteering at the Gallery?

A: The Gallery’s volunteer programs include Volunteer Guides and Curatorial Volunteers. More information can be found in the Career and volunteer opportunities section of the website.

Q: When is the Gallery open?

A: Daily 10.00am - 5.00pm
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday
Open Anzac Day 12 noon - 5.00pm

Supporting the Gallery

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Q: How can I support the Gallery?

A: The Queensland Art Gallery Foundation is the Gallery's primary fundraising body. The Foundation assists the development of the Collection and exhibition programs. All donations are tax deductible. Visit the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation for more information.

Research Library

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Q. Who can use the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art  (QAGOMA) Research Library?

A. The general collection is open access and visitors are welcome to browse. The Library's collection can also be searched online. We invite researchers and post-graduate students to contact the Library prior to their visit to ensure the material is available. More information about planning your library visit is available here.

Q. How can I search the Library's catalogue?

A. The QAGOMA Research Library has over 43 000 books and exhibition catalogues, and close to 250 current journal titles.  The online catalogue can be searched anytime.

Q. Can I borrow books or other items from the Research Library?

A. We are a non-lending library that offers access to our general collection. Photocopying is available for a fee, however scanning to your USB is free.

Q. I am doing an art assignment for school. Where can I find information about artists and art movements?

A. Students can always search our library catalogue to help discover some titles, but should first visit their school, TAFE, university or public library as well as the State Library of Queensland.  Due to space restrictions, it is not possible to host groups of students in the Library.

Q. How can I find information about art works in the Gallery's Collection for my assignment?

A. The Gallery provides information on current Collection displays  or you can search the collection online.  If you find you require further information please submit an email inquiry.


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Q. Is the Gallery Collection available or searchable online?

A. Yes, the Collection is accessible online through Collection Search. Not every work has an accompanying image or text, however, these are being added regularly. Information on the Gallery's collecting priorities and history are available online, along with Collection highlights.

Q. How can I find out more about a work in the Gallery's Collection?

A. Please search for more information using Collection Search. If you have seen the work on display and can't identify it on Collection Search, please supply us with as much information as possible (refer to the display label next to the work). If you do not know the name of the artist, tell us if it was a painting, etching, drawing, photograph, etc. Was it included in a special exhibition? What was the subject of the art work? These details will help us assist you when you submit an inquiry.

Q. How can I find out if you have a work by a particular artist in the Collection?

A. Use Collection Search to find works by a particular artist. If you require further information, please submit an inquiry.

Q. How can I obtain some information on a particular artist in the Gallery's Collection?

A. Please refer to the online Collection highlights or Collection Search or visit the Gallery Research Library. Alternatively, please submit an inquiry.

Q. Can you give me contact details for an artist whose work I saw on display in the Gallery?

A. The Gallery is unable to give out an artist's private contact details. In special circumstances, the Gallery may be able to forward your contact details to the artist or their representative for their consideration.

Q. I would like to donate an art work to the Gallery's Collection. How can I do this?

A. The Gallery adheres to a strict acquisitions policy. If you have an art work you would like considered for inclusion in the Collection, send images of the work to the Gallery's Curatorial staff for their consideration. If you are an artist and the work is your own, please include a copy of your CV. Contact Us

Q. Why isn't my favourite painting on display?

A. There are over 11 000 works in the Collection and the Gallery only has the capacity to display approximately one tenth of these at any one time. The Gallery changes the works on display on a regular basis to ensure visitors have the opportunity to view a wide variety of works.

Q. I am a researcher and would like to see a work not currently on display. How do I go about this?

A. Under certain circumstances, scholars and researchers may be permitted to view works not currently on display. Please submit an inquiry.

Q. In which building is a particular Collection art work located?

A. As a general guide, the historical (pre-1970) collections are displayed at the Queensland Art Gallery, while the contemporary collections (1970 onwards) are displayed at the Gallery of Modern Art. However, this is not a hard-and-fast rule and Collection works may be on display in either building. To find out if and where a particular Collection work is on display, please telephone the Gallery or inquire at the information desk.

Q. Where is the Indigenous Australian art collection displayed?

A. The Indigenous Australian art collection is displayed in the Indigenous Australian Art galleries at the Gallery of Modern Art. However, works may also be included as part of the historical collection displays at QAG. To find out if and where a particular Indigenous Australian work is on display, please telephone the Gallery or inquire at the information desk.

Gallery Store

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Q: How secure are my credit card details?

A: Your credit card details are protected by a powerful encryption technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This ensures your credit card details are seen only by you and the bank performing the transactions (in this case, Westpac Bank).

Q: What if I don't want to use my credit card online?

A: If you don't wish to use your credit card online, simply enter products into your shopping basket as normal, then once you have entered your name and address simply choose the 'print and fax' option. Here, you will be able to print your order and fax it to the Gallery Store with your credit card details. The Gallery Store fax number is +61 (0) 7 3840 7149.

Q: What if I need to return something I purchase?

A: We are happy to accept returns if they are returned within one month of you receiving them. We also ask that the products are returned to us in the same condition you received them, with original packaging, and that you enclose the original receipt.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: In most cases, depending on your location, your order will arrive between a few days to a week. As some of our products are rare or hard-to-find books, they may take a little longer to supply. If your order is likely to take longer than two weeks to fill, we will email you with an estimated delivery time upon receiving your order.

Q: What if my order doesn't arrive?

A: After placing your order with the QAGOMA Store, you will receive a confirmation email which contains your order number. If your order hasn't arrived within the recommended timeframe, simply email or telephone us on +61 (0) 7 3840 7147 with your order number and we will track your order for you.

Q: What if I can't find the book I am looking for online?

A: Visit our book search page and fill in the search form. The Gallery Store book buyer will attempt to locate the book for you. You will receive an email back with the book's availability, purchase price, and ordering details.

Q: How can I arrange an external sales visit?

A: To arrange for a QAGOMA Store staff member to visit your school or company with a selection of art books for purchase, please contact the Gallery Store external sales representative on (07) 3840 7132 or 0410 637 132, or by submitting an inquiry.

Australian Cinémathèque

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Q: What is a Cinémathèque?

A:  The concept of the cinémathèque originated with the opening of the Cinémathèque Française in Paris in 1930. The Australian Cinémathèque at the Gallery of Modern Art exhibits the art of the moving image ― particularly film, video and new media ― which challenge the limits of cinema and explore the unique aesthetic possibilities that the moving image and media art offer. The term cinémathèque is used in preference to the more recent 'mediatheque' to retain the important link to film in the development of twentieth-century screen culture. The Australian Cinémathèque has two cinema spaces (with seating capacities of 220 and 112) and a media gallery which presents screen-based exhibitions. The moving image will continue to be integrated into general exhibition displays at both the Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art.

Venue hire

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Q: Can the Gallery help me find an image for my invitations?

A: Should you wish to use an image from the Gallery's Collection or exhibitions on invitations for your function, reproduction permission, copyright clearance, and final quality approval from the Gallery must be obtained. Depending on copyright licensing, a fee may be charged. Contact us for more information.

Q: Can I organise a guided tour for my guests?

A: The Venue Hire Officer can organise for a Gallery staff member to give guests an overview of a particular exhibition or display. An exclusive tour may also be requested (depending on the number of guests involved).

Q: Can I purchase gifts from the QAGOMA Store?

A: The QAGOMA Store offers a wide range of products, including a selection of exhibition catalogues and gifts which make a nice addition to any event. These can be purchased directly from the Gallery Store. Contact the Gallery Store on (07) 3840 7290 for advice on the most suitable gift for your clients.

Q: Where and when can I deliver equipment to the Gallery for my event?

A: Clients are able to deliver equipment from 7.30am on the day of the function to the appropriate loading dock. The QAG loading dock entrance is on Grey Street, the GOMA loading dock entrance is at Stanley Place. All equipment must be collected from the Gallery via the loading dock before 9.00am on the morning after the event.

The Gallery is a public institution and we aim to ensure minimal disruption to visitors. Should you wish to bring large-scale equipment into the Gallery, special permission is required and delivery must occur after 5.00pm. The client is also responsible for organising machinery to facilitate the delivery of such equipment.

Q: Can art works be moved for my event?

A: The Gallery is not able to move the art works on display for any event.

Q: How can I find out what exhibition is on display when I have my event?

A: Visit Exhibitions for details of current and future exhibitions.

Q: Does the Gallery have onsite technicians?

A: The Gallery encourages clients to source an onsite technician to oversee presentations and equipment for an event.

Q: Can I light candles at my function?

A: Use of open flames is not permitted given the nature of the building and the presence of art works. Battery operated candles are acceptable.

Q: What lighting effects can be achieved in the Gallery?

A: The Gallery's lighting operates on a series of circuits and switches and the extent to which clients can adjust these fixed settings is limited. There is no dimmer facility on the settings.

Q: Is parking available?

A: Parking arrangements should be made directly between the client and the operators of the Gallery/Museum car park. The Gallery has no control over the car park and takes no responsibility for its hours of operation or damage to cars. Contact the car park Manager on (07) 3840 7103 for more information.

Q: What is the cost of holding a function at the Gallery?

A: Quotes vary depending on the scale and nature of each event and the resources required by the Gallery to prepare for the event. To receive a venue hire proposal, please complete and submit the online Inquiry Form.

Quotes for venue hire include cleaning, Gallery security personnel, and the use of specific equipment as negotiated with the Gallery's Venue Hire Officer. All other costs are additional including, but not limited to, catering, staging, entertainment, floral arrangements and parking.

Q: Can I hire the Gallery for my wedding or private function?

A: The Gallery has various venues that can be hired for wedding receptions and other special occasions, including the Roof Terrace and the GOMA Cafe Bistro in the Gallery of Modern Art and the Sculpture Courtyard in the Queensland Art Gallery.

Please note wedding ceremonies must be held off-site. The Gallery can recommend suitable venues within the cultural precinct or the surrounding area for your ceremony.

To receive a venue hire proposal, please complete and submit the online Inquiry Form.

Q: Public liability insurance ― is my function covered?

A: The Gallery has public liability insurance that covers any incident that may lead to a damages claim and for which the Gallery and its staff are deemed responsible. This insurance does not extend to venue hirers for incidents that may be attributed to actions/arrangements taken/made by the hirer.

Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that the hirer arranges their own insurance cover to minimise their exposure to risk.